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As we all know, nowadays it’s been easy to become popular from social media like TikTok and other platforms. Everyone might be wondering who are Badwiggies on TikTok? Well, Badwiggies is a TikTok page, where three girls wear a wig of different colors like Pink, Purple, and Blue. They became popular by posting funny videos on TikTok overnight. Further, People usually address them by their wig colors. In today’s generation, people can get fame from the content you create on TikTok. Whatever you do, it will be trending. The same goes for these three ladies, They regularly post their videos on TikTok wearing wigs and this has become their identity.

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YoutubeBad Wiggies

10 Facts on Badwiggies

Badwiggies member Emely Hernandez (purple wig) is 19 while Xilenia Mena (blue wig) is 20 her birthday is on December 12. Similarly, Julie Sofia (pink wig) is 20 years old of age.

Badwiggies rose to prominence from the TikTok account under the name of @badwiggies. It has 3 million followers and 85.5 million likes. Each video has millions of views.

Although the three girls are a social media celebrity, they haven’t shared their actual height and body weight on the internet.

According to the public source, the real name of the Badwiggies creator hasn’t revealed yet.

Badwiggies have their own YouTube channel having 5.53k subscribers. Till now there are not any videos uploaded yet.

They are actively available on Instagram with a good number of devotees.

Moving on to their net worth, Badwiggies have garnered many followers but their earning is unknown in the media.

The three groups of girls wearing wig has mentioned that they want to spread positive vibes.

Badwiggies is very popular among youngsters and often duets, create videos with the hashtag Badwiggies.

According to, there is a service available where we can remove unwanted or disliked videos by sending the mod mail to the server.

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