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Domencio “Montana” Benson Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Domencio “Montana” Benson has not been featured yet on Wikipedia. So let us learn more about Domencio “Montana” Benson and the Alpo Martinez murder case.

Domencio Benson, also known as Montana, was a drug dealer from Brooklyn, New York.

According to reports, Alpo Martinez, another drug dealer, killed him over a lady. The murderer was also killed in a drive-by shooting in Harlem on October 31, 2021.

Following the revelation, Jermaine Dupri, a rapper and entrepreneur, shared a photo of Domencio on Instagram with the message “smile down and happy Halloween.” Similar sentiments were expressed by many who commented beneath the post.

Who Is Domencio “Montana” Benson? – Wiki Details

Domencio Benson, a drug dealer, is still to be listed on Wikipedia.

Till now, we do, however, know a few facts about him. First, he was born at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Brooklyn, New York.

Domencio, a notorious child, finally found a profession dealing narcotics after being introduced to it by Pop from Weeksville Gardens. They also formed a friendship group. He was already a well-known trader by the mid-1980s, along with other notable New York individuals.

He rose through the ranks of Flatbush royalty to kingpin status, allowing him to associate with big names like Kendu Allah and other top-tier hustlers across the city.

Funeral: Alpo Martinez Murders

Alpo Martinez was assassinated in Harlem during a drive-by gunshot on 147th Street, according to recent reports.

Martinez was a hustler who rose to notoriety alongside Rich Porter and Azie Faizon before being arrested and imprisoned in 1991. Alpo was extorted for drugs and money by Benson, which was one of the reasons for his death. 

The pivotal moment came after he assaulted Alpo’s fiancee. After that, Alpo devised a strategy to expel Montana via a public basketball competition.

Two of them exchanged insults throughout the incident, and then Wayne Silk Perry shot Benson in the head. However, the charade didn’t end there; Alpo went on to apologize to the deceased’s family and even sent flowers to them.

He became a kingpin after getting into the drug industry through Pop and some associates. During his tenure as a dealer, he had a few run-ins with others, notably child Kelvin 50 Cent Martin.

Domencio’s collapse began in 1991 when he expanded his territory to include Washington, D.C. Albert Alpo Martinez, a prominent Harlem drug dealer, went to Washington, D.C. after killing a former colleague, Rich Porter.

Albert utilized a variety of techniques to destroy his rivals, including assassinating people using their troops.

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