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Harry Macklowe And Linda Macklowe Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Billionaire real estate developer Harry Macklowe went through one of New York’s most bitter divorces with his now-estranged wife Linda Macklowe. 

Harry Macklowe is a real estate developer and investor from New York City. He dropped out of the university to become a real estate broker in 1960. 

But, he quickly moved on from broker to builder. He is the owner of Macklowe Properties. The firm owns several high-profile New York buildings including 540 Madison Avenue, Two Grand Central Tower, 400 Madison Avenue, and more. 

He purchased seven Manhattan skyscrapers for $6.8 billion from Blackstone Group in 2007, when the real estate market was at its peak. 

As famous as he is for his vast wealth, Macklowe created equal attention during his divorce from his ex-wife Linda Macklowe. It was hands down the messiest and bitter divorce of all time. 

Details On Harry Macklowe And Linda Macklowe Divorce And Art Collection

Harry Macklowe and Linda Macklowe’s divorce dragged for several years as the former couple battled over their vast wealth and assets. 

The couple had a staggering amount of properties and assets between them.

Naturally, the court had great trouble dividing up the assets that included two Manhattan apartments, cars, a 150-foot yacht, and over 150 pieces of art collection worth at least over $700 million.

The Macklowes could come to an agreement to divide up the huge art collection. This caused the judge to appoint a ‘receiver’ to liquidate their collection.

Now, the news is that their collection will be sold at Sotheby’s this fall for more than $600 million, reported bloomberg.com.

Linda and Harry married in 1959 and were married for nearly 60 years. However, Linda filed for divorce in 2016. 

Meet  Harry Macklowe And Linda Macklowe Family

Harry Macklowe and Linda Macklowe have two children, William S. Macklowe, and Elizabeth Macklowe, between them.

After his divorce from Linda, Harry remarried Patricia Lazar-Landeau. He even put up a huge portrait of him and his new wife on the corner of 432 Park Avenue. 

This action was famously viewed as an insult to his former wife. 

Harry’s son William has been married twice. He married and divorced his first wife Tory Burch in 1993. He then tied the knot with his second wife, Julie Lerner, in 2004. 

His daughter married Kent Swig but divorced sometime later. 

What Is Harry Macklowe Net Worth?

Harry Machlowe’s net worth was in billions. In 2007, Forbes estimated his net worth at $2 billion. 

He sure owned a string of properties but he had to divide his assets during his bitter breakup with his ex-wife Linda. 

Forbes mentioned that the Macklowes were no longer billionaires but were still vastly rich. They had personal real estate worth $100 million. 

They also had cash and investment accounts worth $90 million along with other assets that totaled around $17 million. 

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