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7xvn is an emerging artist who is most of the time called as a rapper. He is a young and aspiring artist who gained name and fame for his music. Though he is a famous artist he s always seen denying himself to be called a rapper. He is also considered as one of the mysterious artists as he has not shown his face to date.Quick Facts:


The genes which he sings are emo, rock, mumble rap, and hip-hop crossover. He shares his music and raps via digital platforms like YouTube, Spotify, etc. “KEEP TALKING” is his most famous song. And some of his other songs are YoYo Freestyle, Leash, Good Luck Killing, etc.

His albums are Smile Kid Smile, BlackJack, Dead Man, and S.P.I.T. Whereas there labels with whom he is associated with are 871615 Records DK and 7XVN. Some facts of him are listed below.

10 Facts on 7xvn:

7xvn’s merch is not available currently as he has not mentioned it anywhere on his social media accounts.

Nothing has been found out about his family members.

Since his birthday is not known, we do not know about his actual age.

He is definitely active on Instagram as @7xvngod and he has around 18.6k followers there.

Since he has not revealed anything about his parents, we still do not know about them.

It definitely seems that 7xvn is single right now as there is no such information about his girlfriend.

7XVN is a rapper and musical artist who has released popular rap songs like ‘YoYo Freestyle’, ‘Leash’, ‘Good Luck Killing Me’, etc.

The information like his height, weight, and other body measurements will be updated later.

The estimated net worth of 7xvn is currently under calculation. 

Talking more about his social media accounts, he is also active on YouTube as well as Twitter

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