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Emma Sarley Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Emma Sarley, while in a Brooklyn dog park reportedly used racist words by telling a dog owner who is black to ‘stay in their hood’.

Emma Sarley is recognized to be the lady who reportedly used racist words against a dog owner.

The dog owner who is black and his fiancee reported her saying to ‘stay in our hood’.

The video was recorded by the abused man by the name Frederick Joseph after the lady has just used the racist words.

Following the video that was uploaded on Twitter, the social media world instantly picked up on the incident and have been talking all day about it.

While many people have expressed their opinions against the lady, a few very few of them have also talked on the behalf of the girl.

Some people even offered her the job if Emma is fired from her job by saying that the woman was alone in the pitch dark area and was trying to protect herself.

Amidst all the talks and discussions, here is everything you need to know about the incident and the lady Emma Sarley.

Who Is Emma Sarley From Brooklyn?

Emma Sarley from Brooklyn is a young lady who works as an account executive on Bevy.

She is found to be the same lady that appeared to be reportedly racially abusing the man in the recent Twitter video.

Guessing from her appearance, Sarley seems to be in her mid-twenties and her LinkedIn Profile, which is now deleted, mentioned her work position.

Some people were able to locate her LinkedIn and took the screenshot before it was deleted.

Emma Sarley Racist Video On Twitter Explained

The Emma Sarley racist video on Twitter shows the young lady discussing with the recorder and even shows her middle finger.

On the post uploaded, the victim Frederick has revealed that Emma said he and her fiancee to ‘stay in your hood’ and after that, the man started recording.

After the recording, the lady in the heat of discussion shows her middle finger to the man and even tries to snatch the phone out of his hand.

But she can’t and the man says that the lady used racist words but the lady seems to deny it.

When Sarley denies saying such a thing, the dog owner asks the person standing nearby who reportedly witnessed the whole incident to confirm that the lady said so.

After that, Emma leaves the place with her dog.

New York Post confirms that all this happened after Emma Sarley confused Fred’s dog with another dog that was making noise and eventually confronted him in the Brooklyn dog park.

Is Emma Sarley FIancee Of Jordan Anderson?

Well, it seems like Emma Sarley is indeed the fiance of someone known as Jordan Anderson.

Zola previously contained the information about her engagement with Jordan Anderson but that now seems to have been deleted as well.

However, some people were able to find it before it got removed and the photos of this matter can be found on Twitter now.

Does Emma Sarley Work AT Bevy Or Is She Fired?

Emma Sarley does work at Bevy at the moment and the notice of her being fired from it has not been released yet.

Nevertheless, there are talks about the lady getting fired pretty soon from the job which she joined only around a month ago.

As things stand, many people are asking the company to fire Sarley from the job.

On contrary, few people have offered her a job as well, notably a software company with a salary of around $200k.

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