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Masood Zakaria Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

The police sought out Massod Zakaria after discovering his relation with the Alameddine network. Learn what we know about him.

After massive police raids targeting organized crime in Sydney’s southwest, a Sydney rapper reportedly related to the renowned Alameddine family is wanted.

Masood Zakaria, an alleged senior member of the Alameddine network, is also wanted and is believed to be in Sydney but may attempt to flee the country.

What Happened To Masood Zakaria?

Police have issued an arrest warrant for Masood Zakaria.

A search has been initiated for two top members of the Alameddine criminal network, Masood Zakaria, amid suspicions that they may exit the country after reportedly leaving.

Mr. Zakaria, 26, is wanted for allegedly violating a restrictive court order placed on him last year and supervising the activities of a criminal organization.

Police suspect the two males are actively attempting to elude law enforcement and maybe exit the country.

According to police, the two males are lieutenants in the organized criminal network who escaped as a vast operation came to a head-on Wednesday morning, with 100 detectives concurrently executing a series of search warrants around southwest Sydney.

According to NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith, state crime commander Mr. Younes and Mr. Zakaria assisted in recruiting gang members into a life of crime.

Details About His Family & Ethnicity

Since the arrest warrant for Massod Zakaria has just been issued, it is pretty early to know about his family members.

On the other hand, we can guess his ethnicity. We think he to be an Arabic descendent.

Masood Zakaria has a Mediterranean / Middle Eastern look, measuring around 180 cm tall, with an obese body, brown eyes, black hair, and a beard.

Zakariya is a masculine name given to the Arabic variant of Zechariah, a Hebrew name that means “God remembers.” In the Islamic community, it is a prevalent surname.

The police have publicized the suspect’s physical description and have asked for the public’s help in solving the case.

Are The Grooming Allegation Masood Zakaria True?

As shared by the police, Masood Zakaria rumors about grooming allegations are true.

Police think the two individuals, who were instrumental in developing the Alameddine organized crime network and are said to have ties to the Comancheros motorcycle gang, are now actively dodging capture and may seek to exit the country.

According to NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith, outlaw motorcycle gangs seek teenage recruits who are “groomed” through “rapper music.”

He also stated that the youth want to be a part of something, to belong to something and that the syndicate is grooming them to carry out public shootings, violent crime, and murder.

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