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Rocco Galati Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Rocco Galati was hospitalized due to an undisclosed reason and is in ICU while people think that the lawyer suffered from COVID.

Rocco Galati is a Canadian lawyer known for representing several anti-COVID vaccine personnel.

He has been fighting as the defense lawyer for many people who oppose the COVID vaccination campaign.

In the process, Galati also appeared on several such campaigns against the vaccination mandate.

As per recent updates, it is now known that the lawyer is hospitalized and is in the ICU with intubation after suffering from health problems.

Amid the concerns, many people think that Galati might have suffered from COVID complications.

Was Rocco Galati Hospitalized Due To COVID?

As things stand, the actual reason for which Rocco Galati was hospitalized is undisclosed while rumors about COVID have arisen.

Reports came around 12 hours earlier that Rocco was in the hospital, going through a complex health complication.

However, the sources didn’t reveal the reason or the cause of such a complication.

Regardless of the cause, many people think that he got COVID and is hanging to his life in the hopsital.

As a person who opposed COVID measures and vaccination, even COVID special zones in medical centers, many wonder how Galati got the hospital bed.

In this regard, there is news that his wife managed all of that procedures to get him special care.

Rocco Galati Health And Illness Update

Rocco Galati is reported to have somewhat recovered from his complex situation and is in a safe state at the moment.

The information about his stable condition came around 8 hours after the news broke out about his serious health condition and hospitalization.

Now the lawyer is reportedly recovering and is improving in health.

Even to this date, his illness has been kept secret from the outsiders.

Is Rocco Galati Dead Or Alive?

There are rumors that Rocco Galati is dead but it is not officially confirmed by the sources.

In recent hours, Galati has recovered and is gradually improving.

As the talks of his progress are out, there are also some gossips about his death.

However, despite the reports, Rocci is thought to be alive.

Hence, believing the information that is leaking on Twitter, we believe that the lawyer is still breathing.

But it will surely take him some time to get fully recovered and return to full fitness, given that he doesn’t suffer from further difficulties in the hospital bed.

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