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Sheri Maund Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

Sheri Maund is the wife of Eric Maund, a man who is indicted with the murder-for-hire plot of two people, Holy Wiliams and William Lanway. 

Sheri Maund’s husband Eric Maund came into the limelight after his connection with the murder of a Tennesse couple was released by the police department to the public.

Holy Williams, one of the victims, is said to be an ex-girlfriend of Eric. So far, it is alleged that Lanway, another victim, blackmailed Eric and threatened to publicly disclose his relationship with Williams if not paid. 

The murder is speculated to be the response to the blackmail; however, more insight is yet to come.

Who Is Sheri Maund? Eric Maund Wife

Sheri Maund is the wife of an executive of an Austin-based auto dealership, Eric Maund. Much information about Sheri Maund is not available to the public because she was not public until the recent incident.

Many sources say that Sheri and Eric have a son named Doug Maund. Sheri was likely oblivious to her husband’s affair with Holy Williams and the murder followed by that.

More information about Sheri Maund is likely to be available as more about Eric Maund is released following the investigation.

Insight On Eric Maund Family

Eric Maund is a married man with a well-established business in Texas. He is a big name in the automotive industry of Texas. He is a grandson of business Tycoon and founder of Maund Automotive Group in Austin, Charles Maund.

Eric’s full name is Eric Charles Maund, and he was a partner of Maund Automotive Group. His dealerships were some of the best in Texas and were reputed for their services. He represented a wide number of cars.

Maund’s family information is not widely available. The only information available to the public is about their business. Eric had also served in the army before he joined his family business.

Eric Maund Net Worth Explored

Eric Maund is certainly a millionaire, and his net worth can be estimated to be more than 10 million dollars. His assets result from the successful dealership he and his previous generation have established.

Although having such a successful business, he ran into the path of crime. He is indicted and three other men, who he paid to commit a crime.

Eric Maund gave $ 750,000 to hitmen to conduct murder. Three men are Gilad Peled (47), Bryon Brockway (46), and Adam Carey (30), who are military and security experts.

After the murder of Holy Wiliams and William Lanway, their bodies were found in Lanway’s Acura sedan on March 12, last year. Eric Maund was arrested from Texas for his involvement in the crime. It looks like the case has come to an end with the indictments.

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