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T Roy Oblock Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Dating, Bio, Facts

T Roy Oblock died after the injuries of the gunshot could not be cured. He was only walking into a store in the South Shore neighborhood.  

T Roy Oblock was only 23 years old when he was brutally shot and killed in the neighborhood called South Shore.

Although there are certain suspects for T Roy Oblock’s death, none of them were taken into custody, according to the sources.

T Roy Oblock passed away on 14 February 2017. His management team issued the statement of the news of the late rapper’s passing.

Shooting: Was T Roy Oblock Shot To Death?

According to the reports, T Roy was well recognized as one of King Von’s closest pals until he died on 14 February 2017, after being shot in the chest by rival gang member “TB (Tyquan World).”

Additionally, he was allegedly on the lookout for TB when he was noticed by FBG Brick, who then informed TB that T. Roy was on the lookout for him.

Despite taking him to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, T Roy Oblock, unfortunately, could not survive at all.

Chicago Rapper Killed Video On Reddit

There are a few videos of T Roy Oblock circulated on YouTube and Reddit.

They all appear to be the CCTV recordings of nearby shops when he was shot. However, the images are not as clear. 

Likewise, there are other videos like T Roy’s final video posted before his death and others that fans now reminisce about as they mourn his passing.

T Roy Oblock Wiki And Bio

Although there are not many details about T Roy Oblock, he was assumed to have his own children. 

As for his Wiki, T Roy Oblock’s real name was James Johnson.

He was 23 years old and did not survive due to the wounds on his chest after the gunshot. 

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